Flood Barrier, 2 Pack - Self-Inflating Dam

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  • Lightweight, Self-Inflating Dam

    Don't break your back filling up sandbag after sandbag to protect your home, or anchor down popups, we have a better way! The Bob Vila Flood Barrier is super light weight to start and self inflates when it comes in contact with water, from just 1 pound to 32 pounds!


    • Weighs less than 1 lbs without water inflation
    • Absorbs water on contact and inflates to 32 lbs
    • Can be transported and deployed easily
    • An essential for homes located in floodplains
    • Prevent water damage and erosion by diverting high water away from problem areas such as garage entries, basement access, low windows, gardens, and more
    • Deflated Size: 2’ x 1’ x 0.125”
    • Inflated Size: 2’ x 1’ x 3”

    * Does not protect against salt water flooding *